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Boom In The Kids Wear Segment

In present scenerio we have designer clothes for men and women but why we should leave the kids behind? But with the creative advancement of designers thinking and efforts we have very unique designs not only for men, women but also for the kids. We have very short life so why should dress up only in boring regular dresses, specially for kids who grow up early so make their childhood more exciting and memorable dress up them in special and up to date clothes.

In this day and age, kids have more clothing options like adults. Children of today generation are more aware than eariler. They neglect to wear outdated dresses. They force their parents to make them stylish. Even they also have become brand conscious and make decision for themselves. We can take the example of Suri Cruise, she is known for her well dressing sense.

As compare to the modern shopping techniques, in buygone days the kids’s clothes were purchased from local stores and neighborhood shops which was convenient for them and the branded clothes were only purchased by affluent family. But now we have nuclear family where both parents are working and they can afford branded outfits for their kids and even can purchase online. Many e-commerce sites have introduced on the internet world, they have brought trendy clothes with affordable price for your kids one of them is WahFashion.com

Kids clothes can be classified on the basis of their age:
1) Infants
2) Toddlers
3) Young Children
4) Teens


The size for infants come in the form of 3 months to 24 months like 3M, 6M, 9M, 12M and upto 24M. It should be warm and comfortable for them. For the soft babies must use zipper, snap fasteners or buttoned neck opening and avoid clothes pulled over their hand. It is traditional saying that Blue is for boys and pink for kids. But now we have wide colors for infants.

These clothes come in very nice prints and small dots. Before purchasing the garments, one should make sure that clothes doesn’t discomfort the babies. As a guide, dress up your infant with the same layers of clothes as you are wearing, plus one extra for kid’s warmth. Must buy jumpsuits, coveralls, bodysuits, frocks, buntings, booties, caps and so on for your infants.


They come under the age group of One to three years. If we talk about the clothes of toddler then color is the attractive point for the kids and they usually like bright colors. Choose the big button and large zipper puller’s outfits for them so that is become convenient for them. Buy elasticized waist pants and capris for them. T shirts, shirts, tops, sweatshirts and many more are the best clothes for this age group.

Young Children:
Kids in this segment comes under the age group of 3 to 6 years. Young children get the clothes which are comfortable for them and easily wearable. Kids like cartoon character tees and bright colors clothes. Kids are growning rapidly so that large hems should be preferred by parents so that they alter it easily. Young kids collection show the real reflection of trend.

Kids of 7 years to 14 years come under this category. Kids are the kids so whatever the age they have, the clothes must be comfortable for them. The collars for them should be enough comfortable for them that it never slip down or up. Shoulders and shoulders should be roomy and wide so that arm movement makes comfortably. Elastic should be used so that adjust to growth.

Clothes Based On Gender:

For Girls: Outfits for girls includes frocks, kurtis, salwar suits, capris, dresses, lehenga choli, jeans and tops. If you are looking for some embroidery punjabi suits then go for wahfashion and for more ethnic wears just explore the girls clothing category over there. You will surely get what you want for your daughter.

For Boys: Clothes for boys include tees, jeans, shorts and many more or if you are looking for some kurta pajama for kids then also explore the boys clothing category of kids collection in wahfasion.

Look at the following elements while buying dresses for kids:

1) Comfortable: Clothes should be comfortable for them. It will surely boost their confidence and self esteem. It will definitely develop your fashion sense. Fabric must be considered while purchasing, it should be smooth and light weight.

2) Climate: Fabric should be choose according to the season. Must select cotton for summer and woolen for winter.

3) Ease Of Dressing Or Undressing: Tight clothes should be avoided for your little one. Must buy elastic wear for kids, which can be easily wearable.

4) Design And Color: Design and color is another important factor for them. So choose the beautiful fairy theme dresses for your angel and cartoon like chota bheem, ben ten dresses for little boy. Eye catching colors should be buy so that they can get splendid look.

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